The story of the scandalous Bishop John Ifeanyichukwu Okoye and his giant satanic strides towards the massive destruction of faith in Awgu Diocese cannot be complete without at least a little summary of the collaborative activities of his closest “handbags” and most immediate ‘powerful’ lieutenants in a diocese that needs proper care and management. Awgu is a small catholic rural diocese blessed with people of dense and enviable qualities among the clergy, the religious and the laity. But it is very embarrassingly curious that Bishop John Okoye still selects and parades very ungodly personalities in some very crucial high decision making positions in the diocese.

The story of the scandalous and diabolic Mrs. Monica Onyeali who is very widely known and acts as the real “female bishop” of Awgu diocese and her unholy alliance with the leadership of the Catholic Church in Awgu Diocese can make a library of books comprehensible only to the consummately immoral mind. But Mrs. Onyeali or Onwa as she is now called is only the first lady or even the first drop of ungodly water in an ocean of ecclesiastical satanic mess that is the unfortunate leadership of the catholic church in Awgu Diocese!

One of the most recent devastating blows received by morality, decency, charity, hope, faith and the culture of godliness in Awgu is the appointment by Bishop John Okoye of Rev. Fr. Cyprian Orji as the Vicar General of our rich but devastated Diocese of Awgu! Who would save our people from this calculated assault of our treasured rich cultural and Christian heritage? Is the universal leadership of the Catholic Church waiting for a simultaneous public revolution in Awgu before there is a call for order and return to sanity for which the Catholic Church is known in every other area?

The appointment of Fr. Cyprian Orji as the Vicar General of Awgu Diocese is one of the greatest evils that Awgu has experienced in our history as a Church and people! Why would Fr. Orji’s terribly scandalous records in St. John’s Agbani, St. John’s Owelli, St. John’s Mgbowo, St. John’s Agbogugu, St. Theresa’s Mmaku and Holy Cross Awgu be either quickly forgotten or rewarded with this type of sensitive posts if not the evil like – mindedness of his boss and their unholy plot to destroy any good left in Awgu!!!

Rev. Fr. Cyprian Orji’s second posting to St. Theresa’s Parish Mmaku was the main reason behind the vacuum that gave rise to the present Mmaku crisis. Yet there is a very palpable indication that the same Fr. Orji was at the centre of the story of the most unholy and wicked plan to kidnap Rev. Fr. James Ani from the same St. Theresa’s Parish Mmaku except for the quick and brave intervention of the good people of the town.

It seems the leadership of the Catholic Church in our area has finally decided to sweep that sorry story of the unholy plot to kidnap a priest under the carpet to avoid letting the public know about the true story of the Mmaku crisis! Or could it be that this story that has gone to the civil court could have been a mere fiction? Yet the Mmaku Catholic Crisis is yet very far from nearing possible true resolution without the sincere and objective intervention of an authority higher or other than the present Awgu Catholic leadership.

The strange silence of the Catholic Church or the actions of the “powerful connections” of the dubious and scandalous Bishop John Okoye has eventually given rise to another terrible and destructive news that is now everywhere on the air. Could it be really true that Catholic priests were asked by their most unfortunate satanic boss to go very late in the night or under the cover of the dark for the kidnap of another catholic priest? Could it be that this same priest (Rev. Fr. James Ani) who is today in a Nigerian Prison awaiting trial is there as a fulfillment of this most wicked satanic master plan? How has the story of Rev. Fr. James Ani of Mmaku in Awgu Diocese turned suddenly into a case of the same catholic clergy being accused of being the leader of an armed robbery gang / terrorist group?

Are the Nigerian and the Universal Catholic Church very comfortable with this most unfortunate turn out of events within the Catholic Diocese of Awgu? Do we now settle with the embarrassing thought that the scandalous Bishop John Okoye of Awgu Diocese has finally been given the authority to rubbish the faith of our people and our general good understanding of the highly exalted dignity of the one priesthood of Jesus Christ? Rev Fr James Ani is number 3 in the alphabetical arrangement of names of Awgu Diocesan priests as contained in page thirty of the 2013 Diocesan directory of the Catholic Diocese of Awgu. What is a catholic priest of Awgu Diocese whose name is still boldly written in the Diocesan directory doing in a prison and what are his bishop’s action / stand on this? The world would like to know the stand / action of Bishop John Okoye on this most unfortunate very public scandal!

Just before this last shock from the Awgu Catholic axis, there was a public news of the Bishop John Okoye’s scandalous connivance with a known woman societal misfit in a police case involving the woman and another catholic priest with his parishioners – a case in which the bad woman falsely accused the priest and members of the parish of assault, stealing, and threat to life.

On Wednesday, 2nd October 2013, the life of an innocent old catholic was lost in a motor accident as the Catholics were returning to their homes after the court sitting on the above case – a case that is very widely and undoubtedly known to be a result of Bishop John Okoye’s scandalous huge influence!

Any sincere person interested in the salvation of souls and the holistic good of Awgu Catholic Diocese should know that Awgu Diocese needs a lot of prayers of atonement, and sacrifices for God’s mercy and deliverance. The sudden completely unimaginable and unrepentant total satanic change of Bishop John Okoye does not help issues at all. We may actually require a higher authority other than the self righteous Bishop John Okoye to declare a period of serious mourning and prayers for the Catholic Diocese of Awgu!

We do not think that creating new serious crisis every time and every where in the diocese and going about to boast about victory and pointing accusing fingers on false claims would really intimidate anybody into believing that things are normal where things are actually getting worse by the day.

What could have been the hidden or sophisticated intention of Bishop John Okoye for dividing Agbogugu into three parishes just some few days ago? Could he be thinking of destroying the unity and cohesion of this one unique town? Why would this be the best time for this his strange gift to Agbogugu? The application of the worldly political system of divide and rule at this time in Agbogugu is a very dubious and laughable stock that would surely be counter – productive to the wicked and highly vindictive intentions of the evil genius! Could it be that Agbogugu is more ripe for the imposition of more parishes than the thickly populated and well dispersed Owelli town – the home of Bishop John Okoye? What could be the main reason for this Machiavellic display of ironic love upon Agbogugu by this same unrepentant proud and avowed enemy of our goodness? But, at least, we all know that the multiplication of parishes in Awgu Diocese means at least the multiplication or astronomical increase in the expected financial returns to the diocese. Agbogugu people are no fools and can never be forced to answer same by any amount of threat or imposition from anywhere!

Agbogugu would continue to be united and to worship God in truth and in spirit. No one would either fool or divide us! Let the world know that this website remains the official mouthpiece of the Agbogugu Catholic Community and a watch-dog for the spread of the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world with main focus on the Catholic Diocese of Awgu. No amount of multiplication of parishes in Agbogugu would annihilate this great mission.

Our last C.W.O Home and Abroad August general meeting was hosted at the parish centre with the knowledge and approval of our parish priest who is the dean of Awgu Deanery. This meeting lasted for barely a week inside the C.W.O main hall built by us. We had few activities like rosary procession and our unity match pass in the church premises / land. But not even a single Holy Mass was celebrated for us throughout the period as is the custom everywhere and even in Agbogugu before the confusion of Mrs. Mariana Okafor with the scandalous strong support of Bishop John I Okoye. Yet, we have three healthy priests working and present in Agbogugu during this period.

Surprisingly, the diabolic Mrs. Mariana Okafor and her very few gang were permitted by the same parish priest and Bishop John Okoye to have their own meeting inside our parish church (St. John’s Catholic Church) with the presence of the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle. Neither the parish priest nor the Bishop saw anything wrong with this type of unholy meeting and scandalous noise before the presence of Jesus Christ in the Most Holy Eucharist for the number of days their meeting lasted. Holy Masses were even celebrated for this evil gang as if to officially declare each day that these evil women have the permission of the Bishop and the parish priest to desecrate our church! Yet we presented our traditional August gift to our parish priest at the end of our meetings and he accepted it with gratitude.

We have decided to soon insert part of our video clip for those meetings on the internet to let the whole world know that Bishop John Okoye’s masterminded claim that a few of us are causing trouble is a blatant and unrepentant falsehood. Let the world know that the trouble with Agbogugu is simply and squarely Mrs. Mariana Okafor and the evil support of Bishop John I. Okoye, before the malefactor turns into an accuser as it is almost happening in the case of Mmaku crisis! Agbogugu remains one and can never be divided no matter the amount of falsehood raised against us by the enemies of our faith and progress and no matter the multiplication of parishes aimed at scattering and extorting us!

Bishop John Okoye’s copious duplicity and insensitive materialism have inflicted much undesired injury on the faith of Catholics and people of Awgu and even beyond. How would anybody understand the present burial/funeral crisis raging almost everywhere in Awgu Diocese? How would anybody outside Awgu believe that the funeral ceremonies of Bishop John Okoye’s own very father was recently conducted according to Owelli pagan/fetish traditional rites contrary to the laws/faith of the Catholic Church eventhough the man (bishop’s father) who died many years before the consecration of Bishop Okoye was accorded a befitting Catholic burial? The Bishop John Okoye himself presided over the burial of his late uncle very recently. But the pagan traditional rites were also carried out for him few days after the burial. The Bishop’s reactions on these two awful events show that they have either his direct approval or implicit permission or at least that they are covered by unguarded appeal to the bishop’s “staff of limitless authority”.

Just few days ago, the same bishop was making a public diocesan announcement against uncatholic burial/funeral rites for Catholics in the diocese. How would such announcement be taken seriously especially in Owelli town where the funeral crisis is almost reaching its peak with the notorious examples cited around the nose of the Bishop himself. He who wants to approach equity must at least be willing to come with clean hands.

Here in Awgu, we have a bishop who spends almost nine-tenth of his days in each year on travels to overseas and other areas outside his diocese! Yet he proudly claims to have total knowledge and absolute power/control over his almost always abandoned flock. What seems to matter most to our very insensitive, self-centred, materialistic and very rapacious Catholic leader is that huge amount of money is always extorted from our poor and decimated people even at the expense of their faith, health, or life!

It seems the Catholic Church in our area has a totally different concern with the civil government on how long a leader stays outside his domain of leadership in a year. But even at that, one would still ask about the expected human/Christian conscience of a leader. How would a living or Christian conscience justify the exploitation of poor ignorant people and the wreckless, selfish, and very ungodly expenditure of income extorted almost on weekly basis from these poor, hungry, and often abandoned people of the Catholic Diocese of Awgu?

May the supreme leadership of the Catholic Church in Nigeria and the world come urgently to the rescue of faith and lives in Awgu Diocese!!! May they get into diligent, sincere and objective investigations into the real mess that has enveloped the young diocese of Agwu on account of her failed, proud and unrepentant scandalous leadership.

We believe that the sheep has right to defend herself when the shepherd becomes a wolf. We know also that the world and posterity would surely excuse us if this terrible evil rain falls on the land after all our suppressed pleas and open / global warnings!
Our letters may have been suppressed with a lot of money as being boasted by Bishop John Okoye and some of his agents of darkness and destruction. But we know that this public outcry bears uncovered witness to objective and meaningful issues that are open to investigation and urgent action or regrets!


We must never grow accustomed to evil and
we must not give way to discouragement.
– Pope Francis.
The Catholic Church in Awgu Diocese is really boiling and seems very confused and almost at the point of shameful explosion. The multiplication of crisis and wars going on there leaves nothing to be desired about a holy structure like the Catholic Church. Very frequent over-taxation, high-handedness, Machiavellic leadership, rancor, animosity, anti-progressive selfish posture, pugnacity, insensitivity, duplicity and serious lack of serious plan for real unique identity and oneness characterize this very small and young diocese.

With serious avoidable but very destructive problems springing up almost everywhere and all the time in Awgu Catholic Diocese, one would think that there seem to be a colossal lack of systemic re-think. This lack of systemic re-think would remind any thinking being abreast with the goings-on in Awgu of the Late Chinua Achebe’s gracious thought that “the trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership”.

Today, it is St. Theresa’s Parish Mmaku (the oldest and very significant parish in the diocese). Tomorrow, it is St. John’s Parish Agbogugu (one of the most vibrant, religious, peaceful and productive parishes in the diocese). The next day it is St. Dominic’s Parish Ogbaku (a very young parish and one of the fastest growing and developing parishes in the diocese). Do we need to visit Sacred Heart Parish Inyi with the eyes of objectivity? What of the great St. Mary’s Parish Ihe that has virtually become a crippled giant or lame elephant? The Nenwe crisis may never be swept under the carpet if the battle of faith would actually be fought and won in Awgu!

Ogugu crisis seem to have worsened with the over-reaction of the village youths. But could the Catholic Church ever be tired of peaceful dialogue as a meaningful way of handling difficult issues? The leadership of Awgu Catholic Diocese has very much to learn from the noble leadership of surrounding older dioceses on the admirable pattern of the Catholic Church and on the fruits / necessity of meaningful peaceful dialogue.

With the elevation of Rev. Fr. Cyprian Orji (a sadist, highly amorous and fetish priest) from the Dean of Awgu Deanery to the Vicar General of the Diocese, in the midst of some very noble priests, the people of Holy Cross Parish Awgu (where Fr. C. Orji stays as Parish Priest) have come to abandon their faith to fate as they groan in silence in the understanding that the double-standard of their supposed pastor has the direct approval of the Diocesan Bishop who has Rev. Fr. Cyprian Orji as one of his closest male friends in the diocese. The Onoli Catholic Community in the same Awgu centre do not certainly have a very different story to tell with Rev. Fr. Lawrence Eze (the Diocesan Secretary and a confused dictator clothed in the garb of timidity) as their parish priest.

The use of human conduit pipes as lieutenants in a system of leadership in an institution as noble as the Catholic Church is nothing but a pastoral comedy that tells any objective observer that he who has only himself as an adviser has a fool for an adviser.

The people of Ugbo town have at least decided to let the sleeping dog lie in their crisis of nomenclature and other serious ones facing them especially from the Awgu Catholic Diocesan headquarters. Even in Owelli town / parish-the home of the head, things are no longer at ease. A panoramic tour of the length and breadth of the Catholic Diocese of Awgu would surely reveal that things have really fallen apart in Awgu Diocese right from the very head.

The unfortunate reality of some few evil women ruling the leader of God’s flock and turning the affairs of the Catholic Church in Awgu into their own shameless pocket affairs for their evil whims and caprices would continue to do serious damage and wreck untold havoc in Awgu until God hears the cries of His people for deliverance! As long as these officially un-installed but very powerful ‘female bishops’ exist in the Catholic Diocese of Awgu, the thought of any type of real positive change would continue to be a mere mirage or end up in much money and time consuming seminars, meetings, workshops, retreats and conferences artfully designed to produce nothing but papers that would always give the false impression that things are going on well in the place. But the real fact is that things are getting worse and more ridiculous everyday.

We are afraid that the very long silence of the Nigerian Church and the Universal Church over the abnormal and pitiable situation of the Catholic Diocese of Awgu may eventually lead the whole Church into more serious issues like what is going on today in the Church in America and Europe.

The type and frequency of the high level of insensitive over-taxation going on unabated in Awgu Diocese gives every objective observer the impression that the diocese has either gone bankrupt without any reasonable explanation or that even the financial status and administration of the diocese are either crisis-driven or at least rooted in the seemingly endemic and obvious reality of the crisis that is Awgu Diocese-a very young, rural and small diocese that is very mighty in iniquity and crisis on account of failed and gross irresponsible leadership.

There is always an end to every human evil and intimidation as everybody knows that no man-made kingdom lasts forever. Now, the Ogbaku Catholic Laity have been forced at last to come out again with an explosive disclaimer. It was reported in parts in page ten of This Day Newspaper of Sunday 23 June, 2013. Their court case is going on right before our nose at the Agbogugu Magistrate Court and we cannot continue to watch with unholy indifference as a mammoth crowd of our Catholics from neighbouring town (in the same diocese) go frequently to court always in a very touching prayerful rosary procession. There is very clear indication that the trio (Bishop John Okoye, Rev. Fr. Cyprian Orji and Rev. Fr. Lawrence Eze) of the Agbogugu case / confusion are the unholy champions of this present madness.

Please read the full text of the fabricated The Punch Newspaper report and the disclaimer, do a more objective study of the shameful situation of things in Awgu and join us in the crusade of prayers, watch and work for the spiritual and holistic liberation of the Catholic Church in our land (Awgu Diocese) and for peace, good governance and the total growth of our good people.